• VersandKanaren registration new customer

You can register here for our service "ShippingCanars".
For this purpose, once the 10, - € order for registration and pay.
Afterwards you will receive the approval to send us your goods deliveries and orders.

Informations and prices about "VersandKanaren".

1) If you have been confirmed as a customer for "Shipping Canaries" as described above,
You can have your online purchases or deliveries to one of our addresses sent to us
Have communicated to you.
2) You will then be informed of the arrival of the goods by us.
3) By email you can tell us if you want to collect freight and wait for further deliveries
or whether the freight should be forwarded directly to you or the recipient of your choice.
4) You will receive an invoice from us for the fees / services.
5) After receipt of payment, we give your freight in the shipment to the respective destination.
6) When the cargo arrives at one of our stations and you want to pick it up, you will receive it
a message.


VersandKanaren registration new customer

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